In the Strangest of Places

Inspiration. A Flash of Genius. A Spark. Whatever you like to call it, it can definitely take you by surprise and crop up in bizarre situations. Currently i’ve been busy doing lots of editing tying up some corporate edits, but I have also been writing. Now I lost a large amount of confidence in my writing ability last year after the completion of Exodus. I’m not really sure why, maybe it was the lack of ideas, i’m not sure.

At my National Youth Film Academy audition back in November I found out about a week beforehand I had to pitch a film idea to them. I had none. I panicked. I sat down in a Starbucks, laptop open, a black word doc open, and I forced it. I guess you should never really do that but I had to. In the end that particular ideas has spawned off into the current short script i’m writing. It’s not exactly like the pitch was back then, but the core theme is still there and I still love the idea of it, always a good sign.

Moving on from that I got some unexpected inspiration for a feature script of all things. I was helping in a workshop for Act 2 Cam and with the first session of the new term the main aim was to get a solid idea going for the short film that the kids will make (well i’ll shoot it) in ten weeks time. Kids have such vivid imaginations and creativity that really that early on a Saturday morning they were firing on point much better than I was. In turn though they sort of got me going on a bit of an idea. It’s something that could be done on a highly low budget and fits the type of films I like to make and watch. I have no idea what will come of it, whether it’ll ever be written, hopefully, but isn’t it just great getting more and more ideas?


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