I’ve currently been awake for over 33 hours and counting. Why? Well last night, at a call time of 9pm, I was helping to shoot a musicvideo for north east band The Prison Library entitled ‘Liars’. I actually feel quite fine, had a very productive day and I won’t really be going to sleep till a normal hour I reckon. But anyways, the reason for the evening and overnight shoot was that the location was actually a cinema. Due to the cinema hours the only option was to shoot overnight. So that’s what we did. We wrapped at 6am. I went home and continued my editing work.

There were stacks of energy drinks on the go but the main thing that kept everyone going was the people. It just shows you, you can do some crazy stuff if you have the right people with you. I never once felt tired enough to warrant a sit down or to even entertain the notionof resting my eyes. We were all hands on deck! In terms of the crew it was a sort of mini Reboot reunion with Scott Coulter directing and shooting with Liam Johnson and Tom Evans assisting on camera.

What was also exciting was that we were shooting the video on the new Canon C300. I won’t go into a technical review as to be honest I wasn’t on camera, but of what I saw, it looked phenomenal. I know it’s much more pricey but the image quality did look stunning. Looking forward to seeing the final result. A good days work i’d say.


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