Setting the Wheels in Motion

The last script I wrote was for Exodus, which was shot over a year ago in late February 2011. Quite a bit has changed since then and I have had many more new experiences. With everything happening after Exodus I stopped writing for a while. Whether it was lack of ideas, motivation, or something else entirely, I didn’t feel confident writing.

I ended up reading a lot and trying to learn as much as possible so that when the idea came I felt comfortable enough to run with it. I got that final push when I was asked to pitch a concept as part of my audition for the National Youth Film Academy. I didn’t have one. I sat and thought and thought trying to get one going in time. I did, but truth be told, it was incredibly rough. Sometimes ideas float in and out. You may think it’s brilliant and the wake up the next day and see it from another angle and not be so excited anymore.

Luckily this idea has stuck with me and I have developed it. Maybe it was a fear of what I was going to write but I sort of stopped on it a little bit. I talked about the idea but nothing more. In the end though, i’m happy to say, I did start typing it out. After talking to some people and gauging reactions I guess my confidence came back. Since then I’ve wrote it all out, planned it all and even re-drafted.

Now I guess is the time to head it out my hands and get opinions. So far it’s all been positive and I really believe in the story that I want to tell with this film. It’s more personal, it’s more human. Hopefully this is the start of something quite special in the coming months. Fingers crossed. If you’d like to be involved and maybe even read the script, send me an email,


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  1. Nice post..enjoyed reading it..well-written.

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