Entering Pre-Production

The start of a very exciting process began early this week as we entered pre-production for my next upcoming short film. Tentatively entitled Run, the film follows two characters, Lily and Adam, as they both for their separate reasons run away from it all. The two strangers meet at their lowest of points. What happens in their next 36 hours together, may shape their future.

It’s been on hold for a few weeks now while I work out the different possibilities in terms of funding. Now it’s became a little clearer and I’m happy with the plan and progression to get this film made. I’m very lucky to have found a handful of people with whom I share a great bond with as a person and a filmmaker, and with that comes great collaboration. I’m very happy to be working with Liam Johnson as my Producer and Scott Coulter as my Director of Photography, the same team behind the short film Reboot, shot earlier in the year.

We even managed a quick bit of location scouting. You’ll be able to see some of the pictures on this page and you’ll see how interesting and different this location, certainly different to locations i’ve used in previous films. This film’s locations differ mostly from my previous directorial films, simply in the amount of locations on offer. Exodus was purely contained within a single bunker, whilst the latest differs entirely in contrast. It’s an exciting prospect in scale and creativity. We’ll be hopefully announcing quite a lot of info in the coming weeks so stay tuned!


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