Filming Their Big Day

Last week I spent two days in Leeds shooting a wedding for DS Media. One day for the full ceremony and the second gaining the additional shots of the grounds and building. This was the first time I ever filmed a wedding so as you can imagine I was quite nervous to be honest. The idea of if you mess up when they’re exchanging the vows, their first dance. A wedding is a really important day and you really don’t want to be the one to mess up.

As a filmmaker I think you need to thrive on those situations. It’s the adrenaline that gets you through really. When filming Reboot there was a certain take which we couldn’t really do multiple times. The pressure was on to get it right in all aspects, the camera movements, the performance, it had to be the moment, and it was. Everyone ran on adrenaline, used their instincts and captured the right emotion. Sure it could have gone horribly wrong, but hey, thank god it didn’t!

The main battle when shooting the wedding was easily the heat. I guess we shouldn’t really fuss, it’s not often you get to run around with film cameras and not be freezing and battling the elements. Especially not in this country. I remember in the US when I was on a shoot, everyone was wearing shorts and suncream. At that time, the idea of that was crazy! I’d always been used to filming in the cold and wrapping up in layers. I guess it all just shows the differing moments you get as a filmmaker. From hot to cold, from drama to corporate, from happy to sad. One things for sure, we love filming it all.


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