Shooting Broken England

Sometimes in todays film industry you sometimes need to be able to do more than one job. This is definitely apparent for low budget productions and if you’re searching for work. You can’t just restrict yourself to a certain role, you may need to open yourself up to various opportunities to gain extra work. So when the opportunity came for my to be Director of Photography on a web series I thought i’d give it a go.

I have done a number of camera operating jobs previously and on a number of short films for Act2Cam helping the students, but i’d never been sole DOP on a bigger project. But hey, give it a go. Taking with the Director, Danny McCready, the style of the web series suited my camera skills and something that I knew how to achieve. Broken England is a gritty story about crime, race, love and war among the streets of suburban England. The director asked for a handheld style  using the camera as a character so to speak in the action. Using a rig I think I was able to capture those moments and get some good performances on screen.

Unfortunatley the picture above isn’t a still from the footage (that’d be an insane shoot if it was) but I think we got some good stuff. The shoot was in a newsagents in Prudhoe and after a long shoot we wrapped at midnight. We’ll have more shoots upcoming, hopefully get some stills up in the coming weeks.


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