Midges and the Rain

Last weekend I went up to Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northumberland to film a short documentary alongside Act2Cam. The sports event included canoeing, high ropes, a king swing and a full relay cycle ride around the whole reserve, mimicking the olympic torch relay with a Northumberland flag. It was truly set to be a great day of filming. The content was to change from canoeing on the lakes to following the cyclists on their race, all exciting stuff.

Unfortunatley the weather played it’s part and the heavens opened. As any filmmaker knows, weather is your worst enemy. I somehow was able to master holding an umbrella together with my camera rig so I was able to continue filming but it did add to the difficulty and mobility of what I could achieve. What I did enjoy was how everyone just got on with it. You could imagine lots of children staying away from the rain but everyone continued on with smiles on their faces.

My other worst enemy that day was the bloody midges! I’d never even factored them into the filmmaking worry list but bloody hell it wasn’t nice. There were that many you can actually see them on some of the footage! I must have tasted the nicest as they thoroughly savaged my arms. Filmmaking is tough but try holding the camera still to get the shot when you can literally see a hundred midges feasting on your flesh!

Nonetheless the footage we captured looked great. It’s a quick turnaround this one, so expect a full video in only a number of days. Exciting stuff braving the elements!


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  1. Hey Jordan, the weather wasn’t the best for all the young people doing activities last Saturday. Great achievement for them cycling the whole way round Kielder Water – 26 miles – in a relay. Purple Mountain are pleased to be able to support them on their epic bike ride – especially as the midges were pretty hungry that day.
    Avon Skin So Soft – £5 ish a 150ml bottle – is the stuff to try – get it from your local Avon lady and keep her in a job. The Soft and Fresh one (used to be Woodland Fresh) also called Original is the one we all use – not advertised as a repellant but it works. Avon are doing a repellent called “Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus SPF#30 Expedition” 120 ml Spray for £10 on Amazon – haven’t tried this one yet!

    Can’t wait to see the footage.


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