Ready for a Run?

Well if you’ve been checking out my site for a while and reading the ramblings I post, well thank you for a start, but you’d also be aware of a project i’ve mentioned a bit before, a short film called Run. I began writing the film in February/March and lets be fair I struggled a little bit to get it going. The idea was there, the structure was there but I just needed to get up and write it. After the NYFA course in April and gaining the confidence and great feedback to the few scenes i’d wrote already, I really went about writing it.

It was a film I really believed in and it was much more personal than anything i’ve wrote and directed before. It’s a different genre to anything i’ve tackled before and is a very different style of filmmaking to anything before, but I’m ready for the challenge. With the great help from Liam Johnson, the director of the short film I produced, Reboot, we got together and started getting it all rolling.

Pre-Production is very much underway. Casting is nearing completion with locations very close to being locked. It’s all exciting stuff. The film will be funded hopefully by a large crowd funding campaign to build an audience before the film is even made. As a result one of the things we wanted to really do, which again was new ground for myself, was to get an illustrator on board to create some artwork to help market the film and give it a real image. We were very lucky to get someone on board and below and on the page you can see some teasers to the full poster.

We have launched the Facebook and if you’re interested please do head to for more into and to follow the progress!


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