Per Mare, Per Terram

Synopsis: Per Mare, Per Terram follows the story of Royal Marine Nathan Miller (Graham Robson), who upon returning back home from his recent tour struggles to adapt back to normal life. He is plagued by horrific visions of heartache having seen his best friend (Terrence Betts) die in battle.
Returning home to his wife (Rachel Turner) and child (Samuel Corey James Smith) he struggles to communicate isolating them from his existence. As his state of mind deteriorates he boils to breaking point.
OFFICAL WEBSITE FACEBOOK PAGE Released: November 2010 Runtime: 12 mins
Genre: War Drama Language: English Production Co: Avant Garde Films
Director: Jordan Barrett Producer: Jordan Barrett Writer: Jordan Barrett
Cinematographer: Andrew Wilkinson Composer: Jonathan Armandary 1st Assistant Director: Jared Colao
Cast: James Hedley, Lawson Hind, Terrence Betts, Rachel Turner, Eve Murray
Official Selections: Wanderings Film Festival 2010, Dam Short Film Festival 2011, Choice Cuts 2011, I Will Tell Film Festival 2011

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